Thursday, April 18, 2013

samsung 1930 imei null solution by z3x

1.update to Samsung Tool 13.02. Select Model i92502.a Select port3. Click on repair4. Type imei original press ok (Note If imie not the original network will not work)5. After Rebooting phone .... remove the USB cable. Put cable RJ45 cable6. WaitPhone version: I9300XXLF5PDA version: I9300XXALF5CSC version: I9300NEEALE4IMEI: UnknownChecking Super user right... trueReading data from phone... OKWriting data to phone... OKRebooting phone... OKChecking phone at COM3 OKReading phone info...Model: GT-I9300Country code: NEECal date: -Factory SW: I9300XXALF5Unique number: CVTF1A04D4BFF5FMemory phone: -Software version: IMEI: Product code: Bypass MSL... OKRepairing IMEI... OKRepair doneReseting... OKIf the network that come and disappear work reset factoryThanked team z3x

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