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Volcano Box 1.9.6 full exe. setup download

Volcano Box 1.9.6 Discussion
Volcano Box 1.9.6 Released
Whats new ?

1- Added SonyEricsson
Xperia phones for Unlock

Here is list

1.      x10
2.      x10i
3.      x10a
4.      SO-01B
5.      E10i
6.      U20
7.      X8
8.      E15
9.      W8
10.  E16
11.  E16i
12.  LT15
13.  MK16
14.  MT11
15.  MT15
16.  R800
17.  SK17
18.  ST15
19.  St17
20.  ST18
21.  WT19
22.  Z1
23.  SO-01C
24.  SO-01D
25.  SO-03C
26.  S51se
27.  LT18

Keep in mind New Security is not supported !!

How To Unlock SonyEricsson Xperia Phones

1st of all you need to install drivers

How to install drivers ?

·         Go to Volcanobox\Drivers\SonyXperia
·         If you have phone which can be done without TP then open NON_TP_Drivers and install drivers OR if you have phone which can be done with TP then open TP_Drivers and install drivers
·         we need to connect the X10 in Flash Mode (it’s called boot mode or Download boot mode)
·         Remove battery from phone and insert it again
·         Make sure phone is Turned off condition
·         Press & Hold “back Button” from phone
·         While holding “Back Button” from phone insert/plug Usb cable into phone
·         Windows will ask you for drivers. If it’s not install auto then give path of drivers from Volcanobox Folder (Volcanobox\Drivers\SonyXperia)
·         Once it’s complete You had done 1st part Now you have to unplug mobile and make it completely power on
·         As your mobile powered up Go to settings , Application , Enable “Usb Debugging” ( in some phones USB debugging have in different location for example you need to go in settings, Application, Development, or in some phone setting, Development, )
·         After Enable Usb debugging connect usb cable to you phone and let it’s install drivers if not driver not install then give path of drivers from Volcanobox folder.
·         As it’s complete you are ready to Unlock your phone.

As Drivers installed you can Start Unlocking

·         1. Open VolcanoBox and click on Xperia
·         2. Make sure There is no Simcard in your mobile
·         3. Make sure SD Card ( memory card ) inserted in the phone
·         4. Make sure your phone have not Android ver 1.6 ( you must use 2.1 or later ver of Android )
·         5. Make sure your phone is NOT rooted
·         6. Make sure your phone not have any Custom rom
·         7. Make sure your Internet Connection is work good and Firewall is turned-ff
·         8. Make sure Usb debugging mode is enabled
·         9. Make sure your Antivirus is turned-off
·         10. Cllck on Get Info from VolcanoBox software
·         11. Remove Battery and insert it again
·         12. Press and hold Back Button
·         13. Insert Usb cable while holding Back Button from phone
·         14. If everything ok you will get info about your phone
·         15. Now Click on Unlock
·         16. Repeat operation from 8 to 10
·         17. When software Ask you Remove Usb cable, complete power on your phone, Connect usb cable to phone, ( make sure Use Debugging is enabled )
·         18. Wait till software complete it’s operation.
·         19. Your phone is unlocked !!

Some Common Problems:

Unlock Not OK or Not Detecting Phone?
Possible causes:

·         1. On Vista or Windows 7 32/64 Bit Windows, VolcanoBox must run as administrator (right click , select "run as administrator")

·         2. Firewall or Antivirus is deleting files . Uninstall VolcanoSoftware and turn off antivirus and reinstall.

Phone shows no service after unlock:

·         1. Remove Battery and wait 1 minute. Insert Battery and power on phone.

Software hangs while unlocking or detecting ADB device
Antivirus has deleted important files. Uninstall software.Turn off Antivirus .Download and install software again

TEST Point pictures & this Detailed manual already inside your volcanobox. just run volcano click on Help Manual button right after connect button. then click on How to Unlock Xperia Phones. you will see all details.

2- Coolsand Read / Write / Format More Stable then ever

Volcano Box introduced Boot_B for Coolsand. this is very stable version ever before. i want to share some thing about Coolsand.

Now Coolsand have two different Boots

1- built-in Auto
2- built-in BOOT_B

2- Built-in Boot_B
is fully Auto you don't need to select any thing. just make sure you have selected Boot_B from Boot and Auto from Flash id. if you want to format also you don't need to write any format address. We had tested lot of phones for formatting with 4mb , 8mb , 16mb, and we success.

1- Built-in AUTO
This is Auto and Manual both. if you select Auto from boot and Auto from Flash id it will work auto. but if somehow you want to do manual work then you can select Auto from boot and Select your DESIRE FLASH ID from flash id and you can do work.

This is still BETA we research lot of new things and we are working on it soon you guys will have Fully Auto and Fully Bugs free ver and Fully Supported coolsand phones. At the moment we support maximum cpu and maximum flash id which still other not do.

3- Coolsand Read USER Area
4- Coolsand Write USER AREA

Read & Write User Area is for repair signals in coolsand phones, Read & Write user area is for repair Usercode problems in Coolsand phones, Read & Write user area is for repair blinking problems, in other words read & write user area is very use full. in other words you can say it's NV. but it have more than NV area

5- Added Write Flash Security for Coolsand

1. In COOLSAND BOOT_B you try to write any file and volcano say to "you Writing this file is risky" This mean your readed flash is not good and volcano will not write your flash file. this is for avoid after write flash mobile dead. if you still want to write this flash file you can use built-in AUTO and select your desire flash id Volcano will write flash file but not sure your mobile will come alive or not or your mobile become dead.
6- Added More Manuals in Volcano box
7- Adjust Coolsand Find pass algorithm
8- Added Alcatel MTK Android Phones for Direct Unlock & Read Code ( Sp Unlock )

here is list

·         OT-S600
·         OT-S710
·         OT-S800
·         OT-J610
·         OT-S500
·         OT-S810
·         OT-S820
·         OT-S850

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